Author: jillianeugenios

1-800-FLOWERS earnings preview

Analysts expect that one of the top purveyors of gifts, 1-800-FLOWERS (FLWS), will report modest but consistent growth in the first quarter of fiscal year 2014, a signal of what is to come for the company as the economy continues to improve. 1-800-FLOWERS is one of the world’s largest florist […]

The factory at home: 3D printing hits the home office

The shoes Mary Huang wears around her New York neighborhood are made of finely spun nylon, and have cutouts similar to a spider’s web. They can be bought online, but where’s the fun in that? Anyone with a 3D printer can download and print these same shoes at home. The […]

Orders for durable goods expected to fall for March

Economic growth started strong early this year but has stalled, and a report for long-lasting goods, which will be released Wednesday, is expected to show one more sign of the economy weakening. The durable goods indicator has been rising in recent months due to increased airline sales, but those sales […]

Durable goods orders increase due to demand for aircraft

Manufacturing activity will continue to grow in the January to March quarter, with February durable  goods orders clocking in with the biggest increase in the last five months. The Commerce Department announced Tuesday that the durable goods orders for February increased 5.7 percent with the transportation sector leading the way. […]

More manufacturing jobs as strength builds in aviation industry

With its extra-large windows and dynamic lighting, several of Boeing’s much-hyped 787 Dreamliners had just begun flying passengers when the planes were grounded in January due to fires onboard. Despite the grounding, Boeing continues to manufacture planes, one of several aviation companies that are expanding production and lifting the manufacturing […]

Durable goods orders fell in January, economists optimistic

Orders for durable goods declined in January but the economy has underlying strengths, signaling business spending is on the rise. Durable goods did better than expected, decreasing 5.2 percent instead of the predicted 5.8 percent. If airplane sales are stripped out of the results, the indicator actually rose 1.9 percent. […]