Five Things to Watch in the April CPI Report

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will release its April CPI report on Wednesday, offering some insights into the US inflation picture. Economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect headline inflation will have risen 8.1% from April 2021 to April 2022.  Here are five things to watch in the monthly report out Wednesday […]

Five Things to Watch in the CPI Report for April

The Bureau of Labor Statistics will issue its Consumer Price Index report for April on Wednesday. The measurement, which tracks price movements across a broad range of goods and services, is expected to show the rate of inflation slowed slightly to 8.1% from 8.5%, according to a survey of Bloomberg […]

Consumer Prices Rise Again to 8.5% as Inflation Hits New 40-Year High

U.S. inflation soared to a 40-year high last month as geopolitical tensions drove up energy prices and supply chain hurdles compounded price pressures driven by consumer demand.  The Consumer Price Index rose 8.5% in March from a year earlier, overshooting the Dow Jones economists’ prediction that consumer prices would rise […]

Inflation rises to a 40-year high as gas prices surge

U.S. inflation worsened in February, rising to a 40-year high, and it could accelerate as geopolitical conflict in Eastern Europe threatens to disrupt the global economy.  The annual inflation rate rose to 7.9% last month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Thursday. Its Consumer Price Index, which tracks price movements […]


Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a consumer price index report detailing the monthly rise and fall in prices across the United States. Tomorrow’s inflation numbers are set to show headline CPI down and core CPI, or price indexes excluding food and oil, flatlining or slightly falling in […]

The missing story in February’s inflation numbers

Consumer prices increased slightly in February due to higher rents and food costs, but prices in the U.S. are expected to slow or even decline in the coming months as the U.S. economy sees the effects of the coronavirus take hold. As the virus continues to spread it will continue […]

Inflation remains low capping off a year of steady but slow growth

Consumer prices in the U.S. rose slightly in January, but the increase was smaller than expected due to falling gas prices.  Overall prices increased by just 0.1%, with the largest increases in housing, food and medical care service costs and capped a relatively tame year for inflation. Core prices, prices […]

Consumer Prices Aren’t Budging Despite Wage Growth

Consumer prices remained unchanged for the third consecutive month amid rapid job creation and wage growth, signaling to the Federal Reserve Board that planned interest rate increases may not be necessary after all. The 12-month percent change in CPI in January, that is, the consumer inflation rate over the last […]

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5 Things to Watch for in March’s Inflation Report

The consumer price index is expected to show no increase in the report to be issued Wednesday by the Labor Department. But the more trend-worthy annual number is likely to increase from 2.1 to 2.3 percent and indicates that consumer prices around the economy are on a slow but upward […]