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Key things to watch in the Personal Income and Outlays report

At 8:30 on Friday, the U.S. Department of Commerce will release its monthly report on Personal Income and Outlays for March. Economists polled by Bloomberg predict a modest rise for the Personal Income, with a median estimate of 0.3% gain. The median estimate on the consumptions is at a weak […]

5 Things To Watch For In The Durable Goods Report

The Commerce Department publishes its first look at the durable goods report at 8:30 a.m. EST Tuesday. Economists expect the headline figure to increase 1.9 percent. That would be a moderate gain from 1 percent decline last month. Here’s what to look for in the report. 1. Boeing effect The […]

Five Things to Watch in the March Housing Starts Report

At 8:30 this morning, the Census Bureau will release its monthly report on housing starts for March. Economists polled by Bloomberg predicted a modest drop in housing starts for March, with a median estimate of 1.16 million, slightly down from February’s seasonally adjusted rate of 1.2 million. Economists attribute the […]

5 Things to Watch in the March CPI Report

Tomorrow morning the Labor Department releases its monthly inflation report for March at 8:30 a.m., and economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect both the overall index and the core index (less volatile energy and food prices) to tick up 0.2 percent. The last two months saw solid growth in the core […]

Five things to watch in March retail sales

Q1 is almost in the books and so far it’s been a weak quarter for retail sales. At 8.30 AM today the Department of Commerce delivers the last piece in the puzzle. Expectations in the market are a small 0.1 increase in the headline number but the main event is […]

El Nino Puts the Squeeze on Tomato Crops, Causing Price Spikes

The U.S. agriculture industry, especially in Florida, has a rotten tomatoes problem that has nothing to do with film reviews. Erratic weather patterns have wreaked havoc on U.S. tomato crops from West Coast to East this winter, causing prices to spike in recent months. Tomato prices had been on a […]

Jump in Consumer Goods Could Signal End of Trade Decline

Dramatic boost in consumer goods imports and exports and a higher trade deficit suggest that months of steadily falling international trade amounts are finally at an end. Consumer goods imports increased $3.6 billion in February to $51.5 billion, according the Commerce Department’s monthly international trade report. Exports of consumer goods […]

So what are consumers actually spending their money on?

The news from the nation’s biggest retailers has been bleak as one after another have reported weak sales. Whether it’s Macy’s, which is laying off people to recover from declining sales or Walmart, which reported its first ever annual drop in revenue this week, retail sales have been weak. Personal […]