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5 things to watch ahead of the March personal income release

The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release the personal income report from March on Friday, which is expected to show the most promising sign of economic recovery since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Impact of Stimulus Checks  The consensus amongst economists anticipates a personal income growth of at least […]

TSMC 12-inch wafer

Pandemic disrupts supply chains and drives new era of techno-nationalism

These disruptions have brought supply chains of critical industries to the fore, revealing deep dependencies on China and its neighbors. The shortage has prompted a bipartisan push to restore semiconductor manufacturing in the United States, which has atrophied since the 1990s. While supply chains were moved overseas to cut costs, many companies are reevaluating potential tradeoffs in security. In light of the pandemic, government and private sector reassessments may usher in a retreat from globalization and a new era of “localization.”

Five things to watch in the March durable goods orders report

The Commerce Department releases its advance report on durable goods – a key indicator of future manufacturing activity – on Monday. The report, based on results obtained from 4,300 manufacturers, is expected to provide more proof that the economy is ramping up faster than anticipated.  Here are five things to […]

Experts weigh-in on looming semiconductor threat to new vehicle market

Before the pandemic wrecked manufacturing channels, automakers were already dealing with a crisis.  “Even before the chip thing happened, production was not up to speed with demand,” said Michelle Krebbs, an executive analyst at Autotrader.  “The hottest things are pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. They just have not gotten […]

For Many Americans, Spending is on Their To-Do List

There is one thing on Amber Colon’s mind in the coming days, her birthday trip to Universal and Disney World in Orlando, Fla.  Like most Americans, Colon spent her first two stimulus checks on paying off her credit card bills and using it to support herself. However, the 23-year-old is […]

Energy prices surged in March while inflation fears inch forward

Consumer prices increased in March as gas prices continued to skyrocket. The Consumer Price Index increased 0.6% in March, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said Tuesday. The gasoline index rose 9.1% following a surge in February. The CPI increase in March is the largest jump in nearly nine years.  Core […]

Five Things to Watch in the March Retail Sales Report

The March advance retail sales report will offer a gauge of consumer confidence in the economic reopening as the U.S. gets a hold on the coronavirus pandemic with rampant vaccine distributions.  Here are five things to watch in the monthly report out Thursday at 8:30 a.m. Eastern time: STIMULUS CHECKS  […]