Author: Valentina Cordero

Small but strong, convenience stores still on the rise

As the U.S. economy is slowly recovering, convenience stores are growing rapidly, serving more and more people on the go. The convenience store’ industry has expanded over the last five years. During the 2013, the sector rose by 1.4 percent: more than 2,000 stores were opened compared to the previous […]

Consumers are shopping more under the sun and the warm weather

Shoppers are finally going out to spend some money. After a depressing slowdown, retail sales are deemed to show a quite strong growth. Economists are, in fact, expecting at least a 0.6 percent climb in March, excluding the volatile auto sector (if we include it, the increase would be 1.1 […]

U.S. economy is slowly coming to light after the freezing winter

The spring is finally around the corner for retail sales, a sign that the economy is showing a mild improvement. Retail sales in February saw a seasonally adjusted increase of 0.3 percent (excluding the volatile auto sector) from the previous month, better than economists’ forecast of 0.2 percent. Sales totaled […]

The brutal weather stroke down retail sales

The slow job market and the brutal cold weather shoved consumers away from stores after the December holiday season. Retail sales in January saw a disappointing drop of 0.4 percent from the previous month, while economists expected sales to be flat. Depressing the sales were a very weak and volatile […]