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Wired to Hire

View Top 10 Cities for Online Freelancers – By Earnings in a larger map Alex Rolek, recently unemployed, took his interest in sophisticated technology and turned it into a new career online. After graduating from University of Boulder-Colorado, he started his first “real-world” job at a Las Vegas land development […]

Wired to Hire

Last week’s April jobs report surprised economists and capped three consecutive months of the strongest job growth the country has seen in years. Unfortunately, the ranks of the unemployed are also growing – currently 13.7 million Americans are unemployed. Many employers are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to adding […]

A Good Indicator of Growth

The latest jobs numbers show that nonfarm payrolls rose by 216,000 in March and the private sector added 230,000 jobs. “Any monthly job gain over 200,000 is a good indicator of growth as it is generally seen as job gains greater than the replacement rate,” said labor market analyst Elena […]

Signs of Life in the Job Market

Amy Berson-Sayers has been unemployed since March of 2008. She recently admitted that shortly after her 99 weeks of unemployment benefits ran out, she stopped searching for a job. Even when she was spurred on to look for work, she did it “half-assedly.” “It was ridiculous,” said Ms. Berson-Sayers, 52, […]

Feb Jobs Report – Best in 3 years, but no ticker tape just yet…

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that the US unemployment rate fell to 8.9 percent, nonfarm payrolls increased by 192,000 and 222,000 private-sector jobs were added. Adding to the good news, the January rate was revised to show an increase of 63,000 jobs, from the previous estimate of 36,000. This […]