Author: Kahliah Laney

Small Business and Jobs: Fact or Fiction

Small business has long been hailed as the driver of job creation and that assertion has only grown stronger and louder in the wake of the recession. This assertion is perhaps the only thing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney agree on, echoing the small business/job creation […]

Jobs Gains to Stay Positive but Slow

Modest job gains are expected for the month of April as growth slows from what seemed to be a rapid spurt early in the first quarter. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the monthly jobs report tomorrow morning. Disappointing figures in March, after three previous months of significant […]

Job Numbers Up, but Disappointing

The economy seems to be losing momentum as job growth slows dramatically at the end of the first quarter. The addition of 120,000 private sector jobs are only half of the 240,000 jobs added in February, a disappointment after three consecutive months of positive gains over 200,000. And while the […]

Big Cost of Small Business

Samantha Bailey-Champagnie has worked in finance for years and is also the treasurer for two-non profit agencies, making her well equipped to co-manage a small franchise. But even an experienced, finance sector veteran like her has difficulty navigating the city’s web of bureaucracy and regulation. And getting stuck in that […]

Economic Growth Slow but Steady

Three consecutive months of job growth indicates that the economy has finally reached a point of stability, after gaining more jobs in the month of February. The private sector added 227,000 jobs with marked growth in professional services, health care and manufacturing and the unemployment rate was steady at 8.3 […]