Author: Juan De Jesus

Stagnant Wages Making Inflation Worse?

There is no doubt the U.S. economy is still in a fragile state.  A wave of commodity driven inflation spurned by the increasing cost of gasoline, energy and food is making the situation worse. In an effort to combat the increases many are turning savings and pension into supplements to […]

CPI Expected to RIse for Third Straight Month

Over the last couple of months Americans have gotten used to the fact that dishing out a little more cash has become a common occurrence – April will be no different. A recent Bloomberg News Survey indicates that economists are forecasting the third straight month of growth in the Consumer […]

Is Foregin Inflation Affecting Americans?

Lately Americans have been experiencing a whole lot of pain. Crippling prices at the pumps, pain at the grocery store and more recently  a new strain has manifested itself at Wal-Mart check out counters. But a new development in the global market will have Americans prolonging the agony of high […]

Fed Says ‘Inflations Ok’ But Higher Food Prices Strain Citizens

“Can I get the 2 for $3,” said 64-year-old Sarah Cabezas. “It’s 2 for $4 now,” retorted the McDonalds cashier. “What? When did it go up?” the befuddled high school teacher exclaimed. Cabezas’s exclamation was a first-hand account of the sudden but painful pinch of inflation. The Labor Department said […]

Consumers Feel the Pinch as Economists Breath Sigh of Relief

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported early Thursday morning that the consumer price index rose to a seasonally adjusted 0.4 percent in February, the second straight month of growth. The index came in at a higher than projected 0.3 percent made by many economists across the U.S., according to Bloomberg.