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Stay at home orders are affecting the $2 billion dollar wedding industry, couples are opting to cancel their weddings.

Social Distancing Leads to Loss for the Wedding Industry

“All my weddings have been canceled because the venues had to close due to orders from the state as non-essential businesses, and so I returned deposits to those couples,” said Michael Domingo, a California based event photographer. “Photo gigs make up a third of my income.”  With social distancing in […]

The missing story in February’s inflation numbers

Consumer prices increased slightly in February due to higher rents and food costs, but prices in the U.S. are expected to slow or even decline in the coming months as the U.S. economy sees the effects of the coronavirus take hold. As the virus continues to spread it will continue […]

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‘Phase 1’ of China trade deal causes fall in deficit

The U.S. international trade deficit fell by more than expected in January, due to the first phase of the trade deal signed by the President and China.  The trade deficit dropped 4.6% to $65.5 billion in January compared with $68.7 billion in December, according to the advanced U.S. international trade […]