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Another Tax Holiday, Another Short-Sighted Trip

Treasury officials are in talks over whether American firms should be allowed to repatriate funds at a discount, in what is sometimes called a tax holiday. It has been trumpeted as a needed boost to the economy and a welcome step toward reform. Firms such as Apple, Oracle, and Qualcomm […]

Stagnant Wages Making Inflation Worse?

There is no doubt the U.S. economy is still in a fragile state.  A wave of commodity driven inflation spurned by the increasing cost of gasoline, energy and food is making the situation worse. In an effort to combat the increases many are turning savings and pension into supplements to […]

Tight credit keeps buyers from cheap homes

In the aftermath of a housing crisis built on easy credit, today’s tighter credit standards are widely accepted. But just how fine a comb lenders put to loan applications can be surprising. California Realtor Scott G. Harrison tells the story of a recent buyer with a pending contract on a […]

The Economic Toll of the Japan Crisis

The disaster in Japan has caused immeasurable human toll but as more numbers from March and April are released, its economic impact may prove less dire than first expected, at least for the rest of the world. A few weeks after the earthquake and tsunami hit the northeastern coast of […]

Construction Industry Growth Looks to be a Year Away

There have been signs pointing to the construction industry – one of the last industries to recover after the recession – finally starting to grow this year. With building permits up and existing home sales rising, it looks like they are poised to experience growth immediately. In March building permits, […]

Wired to Hire

Last week’s April jobs report surprised economists and capped three consecutive months of the strongest job growth the country has seen in years. Unfortunately, the ranks of the unemployed are also growing – currently 13.7 million Americans are unemployed. Many employers are taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to adding […]

Private Sector Hirings Fuel Job Growth

The United States economy added more jobs than expected as the willingness of consumers to spend fostered private sector job growth. The month of April saw the addition of 244,000 jobs, the Labor Department reported Friday. This follows a gain of 221,000 jobs in March, and 768,000 jobs total since […]