International Trade

Trump’s Immigration and Trade Policies Could Cancel Out

When her husband was deported to Juarez in 2012, Amy Rios couldn’t just leave her Wisconsin life behind to join him. In her hometown of Waukesha, Rios had a 2-year-old daughter to care for, an extended family network and a new career as a phlebotomist to maintain. It took nearly […]

Five Things to Watch in the International Trade Report

The Department of Commerce releases its February report on international trade Tuesday morning. It’s rarely been so politically significant. For President Donald Trump, the trade deficit – the amount that imports exceed exports – is a newfound foe, one which his cabinet members have argued poses a distinct threat to national […]

Trade Deficit Soars to Highest Level in Nearly Five Years

The U.S. trade deficit in January widened to its highest level since March 2012 – unwelcome news for the Trump administration, which recently decried deficits as potential threats to national security. January’s trade deficit was 9.6 percent higher than in December, as the gap between imports and exports grew to […]

Jump in Consumer Goods Could Signal End of Trade Decline

Dramatic boost in consumer goods imports and exports and a higher trade deficit suggest that months of steadily falling international trade amounts are finally at an end. Consumer goods imports increased $3.6 billion in February to $51.5 billion, according the Commerce Department’s monthly international trade report. Exports of consumer goods […]

Sweeping Slump in Trade Hurts Everywhere But Auto Sales

International trade is down across categories and the deficit is up leading to skepticism of a rebound this year. With the global slowdown and a strong dollar recently playing a role, this slide continues a trend that started in late 2014. However, the Friday jobs report was substantially more positive […]