Author: Tara Bracco

Summer Staycations

With the summer months approaching, people across the country are making their vacation plans. Many people, like Alea Milham’s family of five, will opt to vacation closer to home in an effort to save money and reduce the stress of traveling. In July, the Milham family will take a week-long […]

Gas Decreases & Other Good Consumer Prices

March was a good month for consumer prices, a report due out Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is expected to show. Consumer prices are expected to remain flat, due to falling gas prices, contained food costs and moderate increases in medical costs, economists say. “The inflation fears many […]

Renting the American Dream

Two months ago, after Terri Olson’s husband was offered a new job, the couple and their two children moved from Chicago to a suburban neighborhood in North Phoenix. But instead of buying a new home, the Olsons decided to rent. The Olsons are part of a growing number of people […]

Rising Costs Hurt The Retired

Increasing gas prices bumped up inflation last month, and while inflation is not accelerating, energy and medical costs are hurting retired seniors. Consumer prices rose 0.7% from January to February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday. The dramatic increase was largely due to a temporary rise in gasoline […]

Prices Stable, But Spending Woes Will Continue

Prices may not be rising, but consumers aren’t likely to be buying because they are already feeling the effect of higher gasoline prices. Consumer prices were unchanged last month, and inflation increased 1.6% over the past 12 months, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday. Core inflation, which excludes volatile […]