Author: Scarlett Kuang

Pig Feet Eclipse Chicken Paws: A Tariff Story

In the small village in northern China where Yunping Xu grew up, there used to be a dining ritual serving a family’s most honored guests. A Pig head cut into sushi-sized cubes fried with black fungus and soy sauce was the most anticipated dish, following one dish of chicken and […]

Trade Deficit Narrowed for the First Time in Six Months

The U.S. trade deficit in March narrowed for the first time since September, and experts say it might keep narrowing in the future. The goods and services deficit in March was $49.0 billion, down 15.2 percent from February , according to a report released by the Department of Commerce Thursday. Exports […]

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Five Things to Watch in International Trade Report

The U.S. trade deficit has been widening for 5 consecutive months. January’s deficit reached the highest since November 2008, and February is expected to continue widening. Here are the five things you want to watch in the International Trade Report to be released on April 5 from the Commerce Department: […]

Solar Industry Not So Worried about Tariff on Imported Panels

The future looks promising for Cypress Creek Renewables, one of the largest solar companies in the U.S. It was recently awarded six solar projects by New York State’s Renewable Energy Projects, which allocated $1.4 billion to 26 clean energy projects. Four of them are in the Mohawk Valley, one in […]