Author: Oscar Gonzalez

Retail Crisis Brings Up Memories of the Past

Stores going out of business is not unusual. What is unusual is the sheer amount of store closings by major retail chains in the past year. There’s a retail crisis happening in the U.S., and this time around, the economy is not to blame.  

Five Things to Watch for in March Retail Sales Report

March Retail Sales report from the Commerce Department comes out on Friday. February’s report saw only a 0.1 percent increase in retail sales. The upside of that report was the warm weather leading to more sales while the downside was due to a delay in IRS tax refunds. March could […]

Is It Game Over for Game Stores?

Nick Kramer is your average gamer in his 30s. He’s a senior trainer for Chase Bank. A job that pays him enough to take his fiancé out to a nice dinner along with indulging himself in his geek hobbies such as video games. He buys two to three games a […]

Retail Sales Slightly Increase in February

The economy still looks great for President Trump as retail sales grow, but only by the slightest of margins. Total retail sales for February increased by 0.1 percent to $474 billion in comparison to the previous month as reported by the Commerce Department on Wednesday. This marks an increase of […]

January Retail Sales Surpass Expectations

Trump’s presidency started on a good note with consumers as retail sales increased more than expected for January. A Commerce Department report on Wednesday showed retail sales in January were $472.1 billion, an increase of 0.04 percent over December. That went well above the 0.01 percent increased predicted by economists. […]