Author: Jermaine Taylor

The Huntsman Paradox

What’s Jon Huntsman Jr. to do? While the former Utah governor and U.S. ambassador to China seems to be roundly liked by many on both […]

Not Too Big To Fail

Flexibility and growth.  Those are the two words being repeatedly talked about as a chief justification for the Private Company Flexibility and Growth Act (H.R. […]

Beyond Meredith Whitney

From a bird’s eye view of recent headlines, it seems an awful lot of people are focused on beating Meredith Whitney’s dire 2010 forecasts for […]

What if… ?

What if Democrats and Republicans could come together to present as united a front on solving the country’s economic problems as they have, for all […]

Separate But Equal?

In a op-ed last week in the Times, columnist Joe Nocera, in an article titled “Why We Need For-Profit Colleges,” comes to the defense of the embattled institutions, […]

The bigger they are…

You know what they say about things that sound too good to be true: they probably are. In recent days, the trouble experienced by many […]