Author: Isaac Carey

5 Things to Watch in the March Personal Income and Outlays Report

The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release the Personal Income and Outlays indicator for March on Monday morning. Economists are expecting modest wage growth and spending, but remaining hopeful that consumption will soon pick up. Over the last six months, disposable income has risen, while consumption has lagged following hurricane […]

Household Saving Increases, As Spending Slows

Household saving got a boost last month, as spending on hurricane recovery died down. Personal income rose 0.4 percent for the third straight month, meeting analyst expectations of modest growth. The personal saving rate rose to 3.4 percent, reaching a six month high after months of very low saving. A […]

Sluggish Wage Growth Will Likely Continue, Economists Say

The February jobs report to be released tomorrow should answer analysts’ biggest question: are workers finally seeing sustained wage growth, or is low workforce participation slowing things down? Last month’s report showed 200,000 jobs added and a 4.1 percent unemployment rate. Wage growth has lagged during the recovery, finally ticking […]

Real Disposable Income Rises Sharply, Driven by One-Time Bonuses

Personal income increased in January, as employer optimism surrounding the recent tax bill made its way to consumers’ wallets. The 0.4% increase in January released Thursday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis exceeded analyst expectations. Disposable personal income, or the money households make after taxes, showed a more dramatic rise […]