Author: Ian Thomas

Men Find A New Fit In Retail

Ouigi Theodore sat on a green metal-studded leather chair in the corner of his flagship retail store, balancing the tasks of dressing impeccably, watching his BlackBerry phone for messages and overseeing the rest of the ongoings in the shop. “I started this business to sell t-shirt designs,” said Theodore. “Now […]

Strength of Luxury Item Sales Fuel Future Economic Growth

Having thoughts of splurging on a new Coach bag for the spring? Picturing yourself with the new white iPhone 4?  Well you’re not the only one. The sales of high-end luxury items have increased over the past few months, a sign that further economic growth is not far behind. A […]

Private Sector Hirings Fuel Job Growth

The United States economy added more jobs than expected as the willingness of consumers to spend fostered private sector job growth. The month of April saw the addition of 244,000 jobs, the Labor Department reported Friday. This follows a gain of 221,000 jobs in March, and 768,000 jobs total since […]

Retail Sales Start to Run out of Fuel

Retail sales are expected to show modest gains for the month of March, as the rise in gasoline prices has slowed further growth. As a whole, retail sales are expected to grow, but at a smaller rate than the 0.5 percent projected by a Bloomberg News survey. While another gain […]

Can Anything Slow Online Retail Sales?

Edwin Long is a self-proclaimed video game junkie. Long, a 26-year-old store clerk, has purchased more than 50 brand new games over the past year. Those 50 games are the most he’s ever bought, even though he’s not making more money compared to the year before, the suggested price of […]

Payroll Tax Cut Provides High Price Relief

Effects from the payroll tax cut boosted retail sales, offsetting the impact of higher prices of food and gasoline. Purchases for the month of February were $387.1 billion, representing a 1 percent increase from the previous month, and an 8.9 percent increase compared to the previous year. February was the […]

Retail Sales Slip Following Holiday Season

Retail sales fell in January, as a slow job market and rising gas prices kept consumers out of stores following the holiday season. The advanced estimates for the United States retail and food service sales for January were $381.6 billion, an increase of 0.3 percent from the previous month, according […]