Author: Donna M. Airoldi

5 Things to Watch in the March CPI Report

Tomorrow morning the Labor Department releases its monthly inflation report for March at 8:30 a.m., and economists surveyed by Bloomberg expect both the overall index and the core index (less volatile energy and food prices) to tick up 0.2 percent. The last two months saw solid growth in the core […]

El Nino Puts the Squeeze on Tomato Crops, Causing Price Spikes

The U.S. agriculture industry, especially in Florida, has a rotten tomatoes problem that has nothing to do with film reviews. Erratic weather patterns have wreaked havoc on U.S. tomato crops from West Coast to East this winter, causing prices to spike in recent months. Tomato prices had been on a […]

January Inflation Flat, Core Rate Shows Signs of Strength

Inflation signals were mixed in January, with the general level unchanged while the core level showed an increase. Despite economists predicting a 0.1 percent decline, the Consumer Price Index, which measures the percentage change in the cost of a representative basket of consumer goods and services, remained steady for the […]