Author: Cesar Bustamante

Construction Industry Growth Looks to be a Year Away

There have been signs pointing to the construction industry – one of the last industries to recover after the recession – finally starting to grow this year. With building permits up and existing home sales rising, it looks like they are poised to experience growth immediately. In March building permits, […]

Japan Crisis Will Push Down the LEI

The Index of Leading Economic Indicators (LEI) moved up to .08 from .01. However it will falter when March’s LEI is released because of the unexpected rise in oil prices caused by the unrest in the Middle East and especially the crisis in Japan. “The increase of gas prices affects […]

Changes in Building Permit Codes Affected LEI Numbers

The number for January’s Index of Leading Economic Indicator (LEI) came out yesterday and they show that the U.S. is still increasing by 0.1 percent. For some this may look like bad news since the number was a decrease and much lower than those that came out in the last […]