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Broad-Based Decline In Durable Goods Last Month

  Low oil prices and weak global economies play major roles as new orders declined for durable goods last month, which was the third drop in the last four months. The headline figure for the new orders of these long lasting manufactured goods fell 2.8 percent. While this did not […]

Tire Industry Struggles Against Imports Despite Strong Year

Tire manufacturers are riding the auto boom to increase production but they continue to lose market share to imports they cannot compete with.   Last year tire shipments, which represent the amount of tires sent to customers, crossed 310 million units – the highest in a decade. But production increased […]

Housing Starts Rebound in February

New housing construction picked up in February after a January dip, a sign of the resilience of the housing market due to strong economic conditions. Housing starts jumped 5.2 percent in February to a seasonally adjusted rate of 1.2 million, a five-month high. Economists attribute this increase to pent-up demand […]

The changing nature of the American apparel industry

Sitting in her office at the 17th floor of a midtown building in the garment district of New York City, Karen Sadaka speaks with a hint of sadness in her eyes. “This factory is here since 1949 and has never changed. If you take a picture of the workshop and […]

Sweeping Slump in Trade Hurts Everywhere But Auto Sales

International trade is down across categories and the deficit is up leading to skepticism of a rebound this year. With the global slowdown and a strong dollar recently playing a role, this slide continues a trend that started in late 2014. However, the Friday jobs report was substantially more positive […]

Income and consumption in January confirm strength of U.S. economy

Personal income and spending both rose by 0.5% in January, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported Friday. The figures indicate the American economy is improving as household income increases and consumers show regained confidence by buying more.   Friday’s figures show a sharp improvement over December, when spending rose by […]

Durable Goods Jump But Not Satisfactorily

      New orders last month for long lasting manufacturing goods turned in the highest increase in 10 months, soothing the fears of an impending recession.   Durable goods for January rose to 4.9 percent after a steep decline of 4.6 percent in December. The increase exceeded most economist’ […]