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Shoppers Are Looking For A Discount — And TJX is Reaping The Benefits

Shoppers Are Looking For A Discount — And TJX is Reaping The Benefits

When President Trump took office in January, Simone Wilson was worried about how it might impact her small business. Wilson, who co-owns Spartan Construction and Interior Design just outside of Seattle with her husband James, was afraid her clients might not be as willing to dig into their pockets for […]


Aircraft Orders Carry Durable Goods Higher Than Expectations

Durable goods orders increased more than estimated in February, thanks to a second consecutive surge in orders for commercial aircrafts and more demand for electrical goods and appliances. The Commerce Department reported an overall 1.7 percent increase in durable goods orders, and an upward adjustment to 2.3 percent for January’s […]

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The Cost of being Made in Trump’s America

An import tax on goods crossing the Mexico-U.S. border would make American brand cars more expensive than some foreign brand cars, and it would take years before domestic factories could make American brand cars more cost-efficient. President Donald Trump floated the idea of a 20% tax on goods imported from […]


Retail Sales Slightly Increase in February

The economy still looks great for President Trump as retail sales grow, but only by the slightest of margins. Total retail sales for February increased by 0.1 percent to $474 billion in comparison to the previous month as reported by the Commerce Department on Wednesday. This marks an increase of […]

“Steady Inflation means interest rates are up?”

“Steady Inflation means interest rates are up?”

By Mariah Brown Consumer prices barely increased in February but the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates because of increasing inflation, signaling the strength of the economy. The consumer price index, a scale tracking the costs of goods and services month-after-month, showed consumer prices increased 0.1 percent for the month […]


Trade Deficit Soars to Highest Level in Nearly Five Years

The U.S. trade deficit in January widened to its highest level since March 2012 – unwelcome news for the Trump administration, which recently decried deficits as potential threats to national security. January’s trade deficit was 9.6 percent higher than in December, as the gap between imports and exports grew to […]

Amid slight decrease in auto sales, discounts continue for buyers

Amid slight decrease in auto sales, discounts continue for buyers

The pace of sales slowed down this month, but low gas prices and incentives rolled out by automakers continue to drive the sales of trucks and SUVs in February. The auto industry’s sales fell 1.1% this month with only 1.33 million vehicles leaving lots this month compared to January. While […]

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Personal Income Rises, But Buying Power Dwindles With Inflation

Personal income increased in January but the gains were eaten up by rising prices. Personal income rose 0.4%, exceeding a 0.3% expectation. Consumer spending figures also rose by 0.2% — but a sharp disappointment compared to the previous month’s 0.5% growth. With rising prices, however, the real value after inflation […]

Home prices and sales have risen as signs of a healthy economy.

Housing Prices Cap Off 2016 With A High

Consumers cast a strong vote of confidence in the Trump administration as they pushed housing prices up with prospects of a growing economy. The Case Shiller National Home Price index, released on February 28, reported a 5.8 percent annual gain from November, faster than last month’s robust gain. Prices increased […]

Increase in January’s Durable Good Orders, Promising for 2017

Increase in January’s Durable Good Orders, Promising for 2017

The first durable good orders report for 2017 showed an overall increase, but the uptick is largely due to large commercial and military aircraft orders and increased consumer spending. Durable goods are products intended to last at least three years. Of these goods, ransportation and defense goods are the most […]