Month: May 2012

Roadmap for a Shecovery

By Shannon Firth When Patricia Dyett’s unemployment benefits ended last year, she knew she needed to find work fast. Already behind on her rent, she registered with four different staffing agencies. She phoned, waited, and phoned some more. In December 2011, there were no assignments, but by January, Dyett was […]

U.S. Auto Industry Heads Green; But With Difficulty

Joseph Alfords, a North Carolina resident, says his 80 minutes, 44 miles daily commute has been putting a pinch on his pocketbook. So he traded his Toyota Tacoma truck for a smaller hybrid car last month – a Ford Focus Hatchback. “Fuel economy was a significant factor in my choice,” […]

Immigrants and Housing in New York City

The Hype file could not be uploaded to this site due to a missing widget. Here is the link to file – Immigrants and Housing in New York City Data Sources – 1) New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey, 2011 2) 2010 Census Data 3) Front page photo by […]

Small Business and Jobs: Fact or Fiction

Small business has long been hailed as the driver of job creation and that assertion has only grown stronger and louder in the wake of the recession. This assertion is perhaps the only thing President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Governor Mitt Romney agree on, echoing the small business/job creation […]

Small Businesses Tap Global Demand with Ex-Im

By Ken Christensen When Susan Axelrod discovered an overseas market for her quiches 25 years ago, her private bank wasn’t there to help spur the new facet of her business. To make more than one sale at a time, Axelrod needed to take out loans against her receivables—orders that have […]

Going AGOA: What has free trade done for Africa?

In many ways, Angola seems an economist’s – and politician’s, and businessman’s – dream. By the numbers, Angola’s economy appears to be booming. Between 2001 and 2010, it grew by 11%, and continues to tick annually at 3.4%. In just one year, the country turned a deficit on its head […]

Strong Retail Sales, But Retailers Still Shedding Jobs

Ten years ago, Sandeep Bhanote started Global Bay Mobile with three friends out of an apartment. For six years they chugged along, creating apps for a variety of markets. In 2008 they decided to narrow their focus to their retail clients, making apps that would help their clients keep track […]

A Silver Lining in Nursing

Caroline Bower is a little behind on her job search compared with classmates, but she’s not too worried. Unlike most recent college graduates, Bower, 23, expects to land a job in a couple months. She’s graduating on Sunday with a nursing degree from her Connecticut school. She chose nursing because, […]

Jobs Gains to Stay Positive but Slow

Modest job gains are expected for the month of April as growth slows from what seemed to be a rapid spurt early in the first quarter. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics will release the monthly jobs report tomorrow morning. Disappointing figures in March, after three previous months of significant […]

Manufacturing Activity Slows After Months of Rapid Growth

By Ken Christensen U.S. factories expanded at a quick pace in the last two quarters, but their momentum will slow in April. The Institute for Supply Management will release its monthly survey results tomorrow, giving insight into the health of the nation’s manufacturing sector. Factories have grown every month since […]