Month: November 2011

Not Too Big To Fail

Flexibility and growth.  Those are the two words being repeatedly talked about as a chief justification for the Private Company Flexibility and Growth Act (H.R. 2167) currently making its way through Congress.  The legislation would strike down what Rep. David Schweikert  (R-Ariz) calls a piece of “burdensome regulation” mandating that […]

Regulation: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Take a look around.  Everyone’s  angry.  The 99% are upset that they haven’t been getting their fair share.  The 1% is angry at the suggestion that its own share has been much too large for far too long.  And Washington is engaged in a heated tug of war about how […]

Consumer Lending Institutions Face Strong Headwinds

It seems that banks have been taking a battering in the current post-recession climate as a potentially fatal cocktail of uncertainly arising from the European debt crisis and continued volatility domestically continues to push banks to the limit. Some banks, like Bank of America, continue to deal with losses due […]

What Every Start-Up Can (And Should) Learn From Groupon

  Groupon was the latest Internet juggernaut to IPO this year after LinkedIn did so back in March, officially going public after a long-awaited, much-scrutinized and oftentimes much-maligned road to the stock market’s opening bell on Friday. As expected, Groupon, the web’s most popular daily deals destination, which raised an […]