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Speculators return to Las Vegas as home prices surge

More than any other U.S. city, Las Vegas epitomized the housing boom and bust of the last decade. Housing prices were on a seemingly unending growth spree, a trend fueled by speculators flooding into the market and reaping profits off the bubble. Then, the bubble popped, cratering prices and pushing […]

Hispanic Economic Progress: Surging Faster but Still Behind

When President Trump visited Florida last month, he highlighted one achievement in particular: the economic progress made by Hispanics, a group that has strongly opposed Trump because of his immigration policies. The unemployment rate for Hispanics had hit 4.8 percent in October, a record low, and has remained at about […]

Pig Feet Eclipse Chicken Paws: A Tariff Story

In the small village in northern China where Yunping Xu grew up, there used to be a dining ritual serving a family’s most honored guests. A Pig head cut into sushi-sized cubes fried with black fungus and soy sauce was the most anticipated dish, following one dish of chicken and […]

States Desperate To Bring Healthcare Prices To Heel

Republican changes to the Affordable Care Act have driven up insurance prices for individuals. Now some states are acting on their own to halt a third year of sharp premium rises. The state healthcare exchanges – which serve people who don’t get insurance through an employer or a government program […]

Flower wholesaler Ashok Komar stands outside his shop

New development chokes historic flower markets

Since he opened his flower business 18 years ago, Ashok “AK” Komar has watched storefront after storefront empty from this block of Manhattan. Pointing through the tall tropical plants for sale to businesses up and down the street, Komar, 41, lists out each flower wholesaler gone dormant. It’s easy to […]

Paper Tariffs Threaten Struggling Newspaper Industry

As a film reviewer at the Tampa Bay Times for 25 years, Steve Persall had a front-row seat to the winding melodrama of layoffs, buyouts and closures in the American newspaper industry. He’d kept his job through the Great Recession, the shift from print to online and consolidation after the […]

Trade Deficit Narrowed for the First Time in Six Months

The U.S. trade deficit in March narrowed for the first time since September, and experts say it might keep narrowing in the future. The goods and services deficit in March was $49.0 billion, down 15.2 percent from February , according to a report released by the Department of Commerce Thursday. Exports […]

5 Things to Watch in the March Personal Income and Outlays Report

The Bureau of Economic Analysis will release the Personal Income and Outlays indicator for March on Monday morning. Economists are expecting modest wage growth and spending, but remaining hopeful that consumption will soon pick up. Over the last six months, disposable income has risen, while consumption has lagged following hurricane […]